Welcome to the information page of the creators of the musical melodrama series, "Perils in Pair O' Dice." This production is a part of "Gold Nugget Days," an annual celebration in the town of Paradise, CA. The celebration commemorates the finding of a 54-pound gold nugget on April 12, 1859. The celebration takes place toward the end of April. The melodrama performances are held at the Paradise Performing Arts Center. Please call the Gold Nugget Museum at 530-872 8722 for more info.


"Perils in Pair 'O Dice" CDStill Available!

Musical Highlights from "Perils in Pair O' Dice." (Original songs from the first year.)

"Perils in Pair O' Dice" (or "The Search for Billy Rhode") was first presented during Paradise's annual "Gold Nugget Days" celebration in April 2001. The show, and its accompanying music was such a hit, that we decided to produce this CD which was released at the 2002 performance.

This CD contains 8 songs from the show, plus 2 additional bonus tracks! It features the vocal talents of Maryanne Brockett-Speicher, Sandy Miller, Carolyn Steele and Richard Lauson. The music is produced and arranged by Lord Brockton James.

Copies are available at the Paradise Gold Nugget Museum, 502 Pearson Road (in the giftshop), or by calling: (530) 877-6110 or toll free: (800) 477-6110.

If you wish to order by mail, please send check or money-order for $10.00 + $4.50 (Priority Mail) to: Dustbooks, P.O. Box 100, Paradise CA 95967

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